Impactful. Engaging. Interactive.

Every speaking engagement I deliver has a purpose: to help people move forward in ways that are meaningful and important to them. Whether you are a successful business owner struggling to break free from the overwhelming demands of your business, or someone imagining that there must be ‘more to life’ than how you are currently living it, you will take something of value from every talk, workshop, and retreat I lead.


Some of the most impactful (and highly requested) topics I deliver are:


  • Great Business, Great Life: 3 Keys to Having it All
  • Needs-Based Goals that Inspire Action
  • 3 Steps to a Highly Engaged Team
  • 3 Elements of Effective Communication


Please contact me to explore options for your business, team, association, chamber of commerce, meet up, or other group. I promise to create an environment that will unleash greatness, inspiration, and action.

Contact me to explore options.