Who is Michelle Richardson?

Since 2001, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of coaching clients around the world. I help business owners like you design and live their ultimate life. Most people have been led to believe that work is supposed to be hard. I have come to know it is meant to be fun and enjoyable and that working hard is optional.


I work with successful business owners who are sick and tired of having their business totally consume their life. I help them go from doing it all to having it all. As a coach, there is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing my clients live their ideal life without sacrificing business success.


As a result of working with me, my clients break free from the demands of their successful business and have more freedom to enjoy life outside of work. I help them develop the structure, systems, skill set, and mindset to have it all: a great business and a great life (yes, at the same time!).


I am an International Association of Coaches Master Masteries Coach, the Author of ‘From Surviving to Thriving – 7 Simple Steps to Help You Live a Life You LOVE!’, and a former Instructor for CoachVille.


On a personal note, I love spending time with family & friends, traveling, cooking, entertaining, music, dancing, and playing outside. I am also an accomplished athlete. Whatever I do, I play to win… I also know that winning isn’t everything.

What does this mean for YOU?

I help successful business owners like you create a clear and compelling vision for their business and life, then make it a reality. Allow me to help you find and navigate the path to freedom and happiness in all aspects of your life.


Are you feeling stuck? Most business owners sacrifice their personal life due to the overwhelming demands of their business. In order for that to change, you must tap into your passion, because that is where it all begins.


When you work with me, we will find new ways to develop yourself, your business and your team. By engaging in work that plays to your strengths, leverages time & opportunities, and allows your team members to step up, you will step out of your business with confidence and into your ideal life.


Through our work together, you will be on your way to having it all… whatever that looks like for you. How great is that?!?


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