Self-Care Essentials


It’s time to take great care of yourself.

  • Have you made a commitment to take better care of yourself (perhaps more than once) and not followed through?
  • Are you feeling burnt out or overwhelmed?
  • Do you want more time and energy for yourself and the important people in your life?
  • Are you ready to make Self-Care a priority in your life once and for all?


The Self-Care Essentials Program is for you if you want to:

  • Identify the what, why and how of SUPER Self-Care
  • Learn about 4 essential elements of effective Self-Care and put what you learn into practice immediately
  • Gain the clarity, commitment, and support required to define and implement your ideal self-care practice
  • Get behind yourself and live a happy, healthy, energetic life once and for all


As a result of participating in this program you will:

  • Reduce stress, overwhelm, and burnout
  • Gain insight into what you need to function optimally
  • Determine what is draining your energy and stop it
  • Experience more emotional, physical, and spiritual balance
  • Have more fun, energy, and passion for life and the people you care about


The Self-Care Essentials Program includes:

  • a self-care checklist to determine your starting point, set goals and track progress in all areas
  • creation of a personalized ‘Essential Self-Care’ plan
  • 2 group coaching sessions per month (telephone or online) to gain tools for success, report progress, celebrate, and course correct as required
  • group format to share ideas, get feedback and obtain support
  • all meetings will be recorded and made available to participants
  • access to the Self-Care Essentials Facebook Group, with check-ins and ongoing support throughout the program
  • final check-in at the end of the program

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